New regulations affecting les spoon Diablo

The Reial Decret 562/2010, the 7 of maig, to which the Regulations of pyrotechnic articles and Cartridge (ie, transposition of the Spanish Government Directive 2007/23/CE of the European Parliament 23 of Maiga 2007) has led to the regulation of the use of pyrotechnic materials endangering the continuity of our heritage festival with fire. Therefore, the regulation includes a Complementary Technical Instruction, the ITC18– modifying the main issues that hindered the realization of festive events with fireworks as we have known so far. The ITC18 Permet, between measures of Altres, not use fireworks marked CE and therefore not applicable age limits and safety distances set out in general.

For the applicable provisions of ITC18 a festive event with use of fireworks, Two conditions must be met:

  • People who have made the activity are properly trained and accredited.

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