Dance of the Devils and Diablesses Masarbonès we started our activities in 1986 the Festa Major de Masarbonès.

Thanks to the initiative and concern for those who prefer the devil and also thanks to the guidelines and advice Vendrell Diables, we released as a novice devils Friday festival.

Since that first trip up this year, We passed through peak-making trips to Barcelona and other towns- and others have varied the strength and intensity of our actions hell.

L'any 1998 began its journey our diabolical quarry formed by the children of the people who declined to be less. Some of llavors, have grown more and more strength to become Big Devils and Experienced, far removed from those of devils 1986 than the taster vam teníem foc a edat quan ja.

Thanks to our invaluable quarry, thanks to the spirit of all those who care about the devils ourselves thanks, We got here together and we are on, present and future of devils and diablesses!