A little history

A group of Aragon began in 1998 initial contacts and assemblies to achieve Cerdanyola creating a house of Aragon.

Un notable grup, headed by Antonio Fonollet, first President of the House, started the procedure for the legalization of Entity.

The first clubhouse was located on the street Altimira 7 To, the ground floor of a building of the same number . The number of partners was increasing dramatically. I finally got the desired legalization. As stated in the documentation, the 23 February 1999, authorizes the House of Aragon Cerdanyola and approved its Statutes.

The increase in the number of members soon forced a change of venue. It was decided to acquire its current, Belles Arts, 3-5, that represented a quantum leap. The adequacy of the facilities and the cost of the purchase involved a considerable financial effort, in which partners were involved.

Finally, the 2002 opened the new headquarters, counting with the presence of HE. Sr. Vice President of Aragon D. José Ángel Biel, Mayor Cerdanyola, Cristina Real and other authorities.

Gradually, the facilities have been improved to obtain a place where you can fully enjoy your stay.

The first Board was composed:

  • President: Antonio Fonollet Paños
  • Vicepresident 1er : Angel Oliva Operé
  • Vicepresident 2n : Angel Oliva García
  • Secretaries: Miguel Martinez Brush
  • Treasurer: Esther Smith

Vocals: Pedro Cervera – Lidia Miguel - Celia Ferrándiz - José Estévez.


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