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The Passat day 2 March 2015, was presented at the headquarters of the General Archive of the Crown of Aragon, the palace of the Viceroy, Project “Crown of Aragon: Art and culture” Attended by a large representation of various institutions and organizations. Chaired the event the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport of the Government of Aragon, Dolores Serrat. There were notable speeches. Noted for its historical and cultural content of the Javier Callizo, Director General of Cultural Heritage of Aragon.

The Minister focused his intervention 9 backbones

A community or historical
o A Corona in Europe
or Art and flowering of Crown’ Aragon
or the Crown of Aragon. Cornerstone of Spain
Fe Land
Terra Pact
or Earth Science
Terra Dialogue
or Universal Aragonese

'Crown of Aragon. History and Art 'will run until 2019. Every year there will be a thread. In 2015 will be the protagonist Ferdinand II, ” King imagined that opened in Spain and Europe”.

The project, he said the Minister Serrat, neccesària is an initiative to promote the encounter and dialogue between territories brothers, making the historical truth and a bonding boundary separating ". "The Aragonese not want to be anyone , but not less than others or that we become our secondary players yesterday, our today and our tomorrow ".

The project will involve and are involved in different territories that integrate the Crown of Aragon. 11021056_10202408732059605_4575604275889578285_n 11043027_10202408729499541_8801761274959329501_nimagenes_foto2_896a12a7 imagenes_patriciagascon_4_038637ab


The House of Aragon held on Cerdanyola 7 February the X Tribute to Women: Aware of the persistent folly of the misnamed Violence, decided to devote a day starring women, emphasizing traditional values ​​against women as mothers, wives, Girls… It is essential to remember the role of women as a faithful administrator of domestic economy, col·laboradora imprescindible en las tradicionals feines de la família.

She remembered the activities of women with a varied repertoire of jacks Aragon.

Al'entreacte surrendered homentge women present with the gift of a bouquet of flowers to the Mayor of Cerdanyola, Carmen Carmona, as representation of women and the Mayor of Cerdanyola of the House of Aragon, Rosa Clos, representative of the women's organization. Men panel jacks gave a carnation to all women attending.

The event was chaired by the Mayor, Carmen Carmona, Councillor for Culture, Montse Montiel, Carme Arché i representants de Col·lectius de dones.

In addition there was the debut of the five members of Group J. It was a minute of silence for the death of a partner that integrated the fable. In addition, Jack played the entire Group “The habanera of’ Ejea”, both liked our friend Francisco Monguilod.

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Election of the Mayor of the House of Aragon

El 6 February held a dinner for women of the House of Aragon. It was to celebrate the traditional feast of St. Agatha, arrrelada very Aragon. Presided over the dinner Alcadessa Cerdanyola, Carmen Carmona, Councillor of Culture, Montserrat Montiel.

During the dinner was held the vote for the new Mayor of the House of Aragon. A disputed vote ended in a tie between two candidates, Trini and Rosa. Finally, it was decided that the Mayor of the House of Aragon would Clos Rosa Gimeno.DSCN3123 DSCN3121 DSCN3124 DSCN3150 DSCN3156 DSCN3158 DSCN3160DSCN3120.

The alcadessa out Manuela Perez, imposed proving the band elected alcadessa.