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MEPs vote to include multiple chemical sensitivity in the International Classification of Diseases

Publicat the 7 de maig de 2012 a

The European Parliament will vote on the inclusion of environmental diseases such as electrosensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity in the International Classification of Diseases (CIE) the next June, stated on Monday the chairman of the Joint Commission for the Study of Drug Problem, Gaspar Llamazares, during the day 'Healing from environmental diseases', Held at the Hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid.

Specifically, discussion is intended to include these diseases in ICD classification provided as well as occupational diseases in the International Labour Organization (ILO).

“Many diseases, not acknowledged, does not address prevention. Not recognizing the State disregards these diseases and do not give sufficient support to their research”, denounced the president of the Health Commission of the Congress of Deputies.

However, last November, the Board approved the agreement on multiple chemical sensitivity, somewhat, recognizes the existence of these conditions and offers consensus to address, as the text describes the disease and its diagnosis, which may help the clinician in dealing with this disease.

Although the president of the Joint Commission for the Study of Drug Problem has acknowledged the controversy surrounding the environmental diseases, a result of the difficulties of the affected to demonstrate “anomalies” who has, urged the Administration to promote prevention plans, in his opinion, are now “disabled”.

So, Llamazares stated that society before the “challenge” of change management and health literacy, although, nowadays, “do not run good times for poetry”, due to cuts in health.

No osbtante, in his words, these conditions have undergone significant evolution since some of them, as fibriomalgia, were included in the World Health Organization (WHO), and highlighted its impact, as they are experienced by about 300.000 people in Spain and about three years remaining life expectancy of those who suffer.


Moreover, the president of the Health Commission of the Congress of Deputies pointed out that his group has already submitted a proposition of law in the House of Representatives on health protection against exposure to electromagnetic fields in order to recognize these illnesses .

In this sense, has complained that the legislation is “obsolete” and called for its renewal in accordance with international law. “Much work remains”, she added.

On the other hand, member of the Scientific Committee on Emerging, Eduardo Rodriguez-Farré, lamented that, in these “emerging diseases”, There is a “ignored risk” not yet incorporated into the scientific body.

In this manner, denounced the delay 20 years since there is no known scientific evidence to be taken to regulate the situation.

Moreover, Rodríguez-Farré has reported that Madrid and Barcelona are the most polluted cities in Europe, as, in his opinion, results in a “avoidable mortality”.

Yet, has opted to identify the risk of existing chemicals, assess their exposure, characterize and draw conclusions. Also, has ensured that, of 100.000 existing chemicals, have only limited toxicity data of 20 percent.

Multiple chemical sensitivity is a condition that occurs after exposure to one or more chemical agents and resulting in headaches, the fatigue cognitive problems.

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