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A judge should check the degree of disability of one affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Publicat to Barcelona, 27 Sea. (EUROPEAN PRESS) –

A judge has ruled in favor of one affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and forced the Catalan Institute Assistència i Serveis Socials (ICASS) to review their degree of disability 66% and to recognize that it is the 70% as claimed by the applicant, so it can access advantages of mobility and the use of special parking spaces in public.

The affected filed a complaint with the court social 33 Barcelona after the ICASS will deny review of their degree of disability that she felt it was less than 69%.

The applicant, in June 2007 was declared permanently disabled by the fumigants that were used in their workplace, remarked the effects that the disease has on their daily lives as, for example, constant need help with toileting, dressing and eating, As is clear from reports of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona.

These reports emphasize that women living with “a chronic, multisintomático very difficult to control and very unstable and causes a marked functional limitation and severe impairment of quality of life”, reproduces the judgment.

The judge acknowledged that the applicant suffers “a significant degree of decreased end” and highlights the difficulty for access to public transport since his illness a contraindication to use it but does not suffer a physical disability.

According to a statement from the Col·lectiu Ronda, the Royal Decree that housed the ICASS only covers people who have difficulty with wheelchair, two crutches or with severe intellectual impairments, and not suffering from environmental conditions as is the case of this affected.

In this sense, criticize the standard and say that these people “can suffer serious health crisis simply by traveling next to a person who used deodorant or cologne”, which is an invisible barrier like an architectural barrier.

Therefore, the entity has entered the judgment, they claim, is “an important step towards the recognition of a serious illness, according to the Hospital Clínic, may affect a greater or lesser degree to a 12% of the State's population, and supporting the disabling effects of the presence of chemicals in our everyday environment”.

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