Successful participation in the first training day for the heck of CRE Masarbonès!

El dia Dissabte 7 evening held the first training day for Consumers Recognized as experts and devil dances and Quarry Diablesses diabolical Masarbonès.

Small i grans of collaboration, pairs, mares, Companions, supporters, did you discover the tradition of the devils, our history, security measures in correfocs, characters, l'ordre that lime continue, clothing… Did experiment with fireworks suitable for each age group, you did some drawings that are genuine works of art! As a final climax test only suitable for expert, to assess the knowledge acquired.

In total you participate no less than 74 people, small, large, media… excluding many who did not follow the day you sign.

We want to thank you all together. The effort of the board of hell has been considerable but has been highly rewarded and once again we see that there is nothing like Masarbonès! However there is still much work to do, acreditacions, vestits us, etc., but we have taken a giant step in the process of regularization of the gang.

Before concluding we want to thank the co-·laboració de l'Association Harmonia which has funded the initial investment in equipment and clothing to renew our wardrobe. It is with·laboreu amb l'harmonious, also help us because we have much work to do, Teak and devils have more to criticize you when you get all of the time instead of passing, the night of the festival.

Salut i foc!

As a devil of devils i Masarbonès

Agost 1986-2011. 25 anys cremant!
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