Workshop training for responsible consumer group recognized as experts RGCRE

On 5 of November 2011 took place in Manresa last training session this year 2011 per a group responsible foc (RGCRE). The formation will consist of:

  • Festive fire in Catalonia. The importance of security
  • Legislation on festive events with fireworks
  • The regulations applicable to safety correfocs
  • How to transmit information to the Consumer Recognized as Expert (CRE)
  • Composition and basic properties of various types of pyrotechnic devices.
  • Examples of incidents and accidents and failures are most representative

With this training, these vam Rebro 3 integral del grup Devils, we can buy fireworks and provide the necessary training to other members of the gang.

As a devil of devils i Masarbonès

Agost 1986-2011. 25 anys cremant!
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