Lecturing Scientists

 The lectures and practical sessions will be imparted and supervised by researchers from the Institute of Marine Science together with several visiting scientists from other institutions. Additionally each student will be assigned a scientist who will supervise his work on the selected research topic. Additionally, there will be several young scientists who will be help with the laboratory activities and the supervised work.

A preliminary list of participating senior scientists is the following: Mikhail Emelianov, Marta Estrada, Dolors Vaqué, Josep M. Gasol, Celia Marrasè, Francesc Maynou, Pilar Olivar, Josep L. Pelegrí, Francesc Peters, Jaume Piera, Ana Sabatés, Jordi Solè, Àlvaro Viúdez. Besides these senior lecturers, there will also be an important number of local junior scientists that will assist the participants throughout the whole Colloquium.