Registration Fee and Fellowship

There is a fee of 450 euros per person which includes all educational and scientific activities as well as the ice-breaker event. The course will provide all lecturing and research facilities to the participating students.

The fee does not include the accommodation expenses which may be taken care individually or by the organization as described below. There will also be some cultural/leisure activities and field trips, as anticipated in the Colloquium’s timetable. These activities will include evening events as well as a field trip to Medes Islands in the Costa Brava of Catalonia; a full description of these activities, and their fares, will be announced several weeks before the Colloquium and the participants may freely choose to register for them.

There are three full fellowships to students from developing countries, which include all activities. Students wishing to access these fellowships must request so following the instructions in the Colloquium’s web page.

A maximum of 25 participants will be accepted. Prospective participants should request admission to the Colloquium, through its web page, no later than 15 January 2013. They will be notified on this request by 1 February 2013. Accepted participants are expected to pay the admission fee no later than 1 March 2013. Fees and fellowships are described further below.