Article “The earth embrute”, Anna Punsoda

We leave you with the words Anna PunSoda dedicates the novel·that discuss this month “Reads”, “Spring, estiu, etc.”, by Martha Rojals! Hope you like!

'La land in embrute”

Recommend a book·la catalana que en deu mesos ha esgotat quatre edicions és vergonyós però vull avisar als distrets i alssnobs que la van menysprear per no fer grans incursions metafísiques. Parlo de Primavera, estiu, etc., of the Martha Rojals, sold to us as a portrait by country bordering quarantine. Si l’obra només fes un ús intel·Smart dialect and precise description of the world of the Ebro would be a perfect example of folklore. The novel·not good for the exoticism of the frame itself, but because this allows you to explain more complex relationships. And it's good becauseè can be enjoyed for many reasons: Donetes the Almudena Grandes devour a quality, strengthen solidarity activists countryside county living insult Barcelona, some caveman better understand his wife. But readers will be the luckiest bastard children of the villages, to see the humanity and brutality of the world that have made it so difficult to understand and to forget it and also make amends. 'La land in embrute', says one of the characters, dry pagès, noble i feiner. I do not know if the land fills you mess but I know that when retracted only welcomes the corner and so are their. Al poble se’ns estima what we are and not for what we can be, and this is good to excuse us when we fail and find warmth after crash. But when we understand you there would have been forcibly, you can only love him from a distance.

If we had not died, ens in enamoraríem: why a love story like this work always tell more about the life and death that the great metaphysical raids. And if you love honestly and explained in relation to the origins, soften any old soul or young misunderstood culture has not resected.

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