Our Goals

The Objectives of the Institution, House of Aragon are:
1. Preserve and enhance values ​​and idiosyncrasies of character Aragon, disclosure of their culture and customs, defense of cultural interests in Aragon Cerdanyola.
2. Disseminate the culture, folklore, Aragonese customs and traditions around us citizen.
3. Col·work with other institutions and·communities in activities related to minorities and mental disabilities or physical problems.
4. Strengthen the bonds of relationship and coexistence among its members.
5. Encourage participation in activities organized by local organizations for the promotion and dissemination of our folklore and traditions: neighborhood associations, barrels, etc..
6. Share cultural and folkloric other regional entities town: Casa d'Andalusia, Esbarts Dansaires, etc. in order to encourage a better understanding of the common characteristics and diferenciadoras.

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