Qui som?

The’ Association of Educators in Human Rights, AHEAD, includes trainers with extensive experience in the practice of the Human Rights Education at European level.

We the EDH as a participatory educational process through which to learn about human rights issues and understand these, acquire skills to be able to defend human rights and develop attitudes of respect, equality and dignity.

Promote the Human Rights Education as a requirement to strengthen commitment to the culture of peace, democracy and solidarity..

Celebrate the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Education: United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Education

Objectius of’ AHEAD

Consolidating the EDH as a framework to sensitize and educate the public and participation, development, for pau, for sostenibilitat, work by gender, affective diversity, and intercultural learning;

To provide skills to young, professionals, organizations of civil society - particularly youth organization - and institutions - especially education - with the aim of promoting cross-sectoral work;

Developing innovative methodologies and create and translate educational materials on HRE, adapt and disseminate educational materials from other countries Catalan linguistic and cultural sphere;

Promote the exchange of experiences, the networking and the definition of public policies that incorporate the EDH as a transversal;

Implementing projects of solidarity and development cooperation at both local and worldwide towards social inclusion.

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