Our understanding of Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship was a new concept that was introduced to us over the past several days. It is safe to say that coming into this course most of us could not precisely differentiate between several terms including NGO and philanthropic foundations.

However, through a combination of traditional teaching (lectures, talks and presentations) and non-formal experiential learning (geocaching, exchanging for social benefit and interviewing actual professionals in the field) we have started to reach a common understanding.

Our common definition of Social Entrepreneurship is as follows:

Social Entrepreneurship is a business that works towards achieving a positive social benefit aimed at changing the statuesque. Proceeds can be used for reinvestment into the community. It is worth noting that Social Entrepreneurship is based on ethical values that could be expressed through various marketing strategy.

By:  Omar, Zeinab, Eimantas, Ramzi ,Osama and Alan.

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