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After 4 days we are still confused of the right definition of social entrepreneurship, because there is no one clear model, but a lot of existing businesses with the vision of social change.
But what we know:
SE is not about the profit, but the social benefit. It needs a business model and profit for be able to be sustainable. It creates a social capital more than a profit.
SE is a key to social change, it promotes social market, cooperatives. It tries to improve societies, communities and to give a solution to global problems.
And can be a good social entrepreneur? Who is motivated for positive change in the society, has the ability to taking initiative in creative and innovative ways.
Our visit at the organization ECOs in Barcelona gave us the chance to see diverse social enterprises in a cooperative form working together. This kind of structure was new for us and we are very motivated to spread this idea in our country.

Hatem, Julia, Janka, rawad
Barcelona , coma-ruga

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