The Sweet Harmony

We have started our journey with a random grouping that consisted of participants from different backgrounds. Therefore, our main aim was to reach a common connection through cooperative communication. By this we can say that we had a harmonic start for our journey.

Product, process and procedure were our 3 Ps model that enabled us to experience on ground the learning methodologies we had at the class. Our product, which is the aim to achieve, was tolerance of ambiguity, through accomplishing our task and challenging uncertainty. The process among this task was challenging, since there was a friction between the group members regarding the concerns and the needs required to accomplish the journey. This task had created a stressful tension among the group members, where uncertainty about the goal of such a task, holding responsibilities, and having a new role that we were not used to be. However, such an experiential learning task made us aware of the importance of team work. Moreover, it had widen our comfort zone and made us able to have the same experience again without being stressed. The procedure of the task was clear, where the organizational steps and compromises were made by all participants.

This journey made us able to innovative, creative and with a sense of initiative.


Silvia Fazio

Jucia Uritsikokas

Monika Ggrebluinaite

Osama Hajjaj

Zeinab El-Mokdad

Amin Abdallah

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