A Long Night in Coma Ruga

It was a dark windy night in Coma Ruga, Spain, a poor fisherman waits besides the port to welcome exhausted trainees that have just completed their late night challenge.

It all began at Santa Maria del mar Hostel; where we were asked not only to take part in a challenge but also help design it as well. The challenge was based on the world famous game: Geocaching, except in this instance it was more than just a game. Through our participation we were exposed to new non-formal ways of learning aimed to push us outside of our comfort zone.


This is just our second day in and so far what we have learned has been amazing to say the least. Being surrounded by people from all around the Euro-Med region has really opened our eyes to the diversity that exists around us both in terms of culture and thoughts.


We can’t wait to see what the next few days has in store for us.

Written By:
Omar, Janka, Alan, Tasneem, Silvia,  Eimantas


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