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Our understanding of Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship was a new concept that was introduced to us over the past several days. It is safe to say that coming into this course most of us could not precisely differentiate between several terms including NGO and philanthropic foundations.

However, through a combination of traditional teaching (lectures, talks and presentations) and non-formal experiential learning (geocaching, exchanging for social benefit and interviewing actual professionals in the field) we have started to reach a common understanding.

Our common definition of Social Entrepreneurship is as follows:

Social Entrepreneurship is a business that works towards achieving a positive social benefit aimed at changing the statuesque. Proceeds can be used for reinvestment into the community. It is worth noting that Social Entrepreneurship is based on ethical values that could be expressed through various marketing strategy.

By:  Omar, Zeinab, Eimantas, Ramzi ,Osama and Alan.

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What is Social Entrepreneurship

It took us four days of intensive discussions and several learning exercises to understand what social enterpreneurship is. We came to a conclusion that a social enterprise is a business model that firstly focuses on resolving social issues rather than concentrating on making profit. It is a new app[...]

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Our SE

After 4 days we are still confused of the right definition of social entrepreneurship, because there is no one clear model, but a lot of existing businesses with the vision of social change. But what we know: SE is not about the profit, but the social benefit. It needs a business model and profit fo[...]

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Criteria of Social Enterprise

For your reflection nine fuzzy criteria of Social Entrepreneurship (by research network EMES)  Economic criteria: 1. continuous activity of the production and/or sale of goods and services (rather than predominantly advisory or grant-giving functions). 2. a high level of autonomy: social enterpris[...]

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Social Entrepreneurship for us.

Social Entrepreneurship from our point of view is a type of business oriented to social goals. It is a possible way to answer needs of the social environmental, cultural and economical issues by ethical means. It is not only about making profit but it also cares about making social, cultural and env[...]

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Learning through experience

Through a practical experience I understood the difficulty of leaving your comfort zone. At the very first time you could feel upset because you do not know why you have to try new experiences, especially if they force you to overcome your prejudice. But later you discover that every experience has [...]

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Great night experience

Last night we played a challenging game which was in a form of a puzzle. The game was interesting, as long as teamwork and good cooperation skills were required for achieving the task. At the end of the game we had to meet with other groups under the bridge, where suddenly we bumped into a […[...]

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